St. Alban's Staff


Rev. George Sinclair

The Rev. George Sinclair is married to Louise and they have nine kids: Tosh, Jesse, Victoria, Jacob, Joseph, Elizabeth, Katherine, Emma and Tommy. He also has a dog named Pixie (He didn't name it) and a dog named Arnie. He is: the Co-Chair of Anglican Essentials Canada, the Chair of the Anglican Network in Canada, a member of the Pastoral Advisory Team of New Directions Ottawa, and a member of the Elmhurst Group. He was ordained in 1985 and has served in a suburban parish and a rural parish. He has been the Rector of St. Alban's since 1 August 1995.

George is a regular speaker at the Parliament Hill Christian Fellowship, and is a sponsoring pastor of City Wide Worship. George became a Christian in the 70's through the "Jesus People" - he still has a copy of the Hippie Bible "Letters to Street Christians". George loves to run - as long as it is above minus thirty degrees, you will find him jogging through the streets of Ottawa every day. George loves hanging out with his family, watching videos, and eating the occasional bag of potato chips.

Honorary Assistant

Desiree is a true Dubliner, born within the walls of the old city. Because her father was an Anglican minister, she moved to a number of different locations both north and south of the border. Belfast was the city of her childhood - dreary, eternally wet and grey in her memory, with derelict buildings from the bombing of the war. (That is the second World War please!) County Tyrone, in the middle of the country bordering the Republic, was home for many years and then finally Dublin, where she was a student at Trinity College studying physiotherapy, and where she met her husband.

Desiree and Al came to Canada supposedly for a year in 1971 and are still here 35 years later. Her husband works in the Civic Hospital as a surgeon and they have three children - Russell, who works in Toronto, Fiona who lives and works in London (U.K.) and Nick who is at the University of Buffalo. Desiree says they are wonderful young people, not that she's biased in any way!

Desiree was ordained in 1987 and worked for five and a half years as the assistant at St. John's Elgin Street. She was the incumbent at St. Mary's, Russell for five years and recently retired after eight and a half years as the incumbent at St. Matthew's. After twenty years as a physiotherapist, followed by twenty years in parish ministry, she's wondering what the next twenty years will bring. Her passion is Jesus; knowing Him and making Him known will surely continue to be the goal of her life.

Parish Administrator

Karen Bergenstein comes to us from St. Matthew's where she came to a lively faith in Jesus Christ in 1999 at the first Alpha Course ever offered there. Needless to say, she is a great fan of Alpha! Since then, Karen gave up teaching elementary school children to read and write in favour of preaching and teaching the Word of God. After discerning a call to ordained ministry, she enrolled at St. Paul University and graduated in the spring of 2005 with a Masters in Pastoral Theology. As well as her morning job in our office, Karen is assisting the Rev'd Alex Lewanowicz in the parish of Bearbrook/Navan/Vars. She is married to John ApSimon and they have two children, Megan and Noah, both of whom are happily living in Ottawa (but not with their parents). Karen and John live in old Ottawa South where she spends a lot of time reading, baking cookies (and eating them), walking her dog Beau and studiously ignoring the accumulation of dust and dog hair.

Organist & Choir Director

Nadia Behmann

Nadia Behmann is married to Francois. The two met while singing in the choir at the church where her Dad was minister in Cairo, Egypt. They have two grown children, Curtis and Natalie. Natalie and her husband, Matthew, have two children: Lukas and their new baby Leila. Nadia is Organist and Choir Director at the 11 o'clock service as well as at Evensong.

Nadia is Vice President of the Royal Canadian College of Organists, Ottawa Centre. Having recently retired from full time teaching, she spends her time reading, cooking and traveling. She and Francois recently made a trip back to Egypt to spend time with family and friends.

Artizo I Intern

Ben Van der Heide

Ben Van der Heide is one of our Artizo interns. He has come to us from St. George's Anglican Church. Ben has just returned from a year in South Korea where he taught conversational English at a private school, and worked with a few local churches with University students. Ben is involved in St Alban's Healing Ministry, as well as preaching at the Evensong service once a month, and running the Alpha course. As an Artizo intern Ben also has to write papers and keep up with readings. Ben likes playing the guitar, reading, cycling, hiking, swimming, taking pictures of rusty objects, traveling and admiring nature, particularly animals that begin with the letter "p", penguins, platypuses, pelicans, etc.


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